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Recycled Tire and Poptop Shoulder Bag

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This innovative shoulder bag is made from reclaimed soda pop tops collected at school sites and inner tubes by an artisan group in Mexico. Reduce Reuse and Recycle is a phrase they take to heart in making this flashy bag. The bag has a 44 inch shoulder strap, is approximately 9 inches square, and features a decorative buckle with a magnetic stud behind for closure.

There are more than 65 volunteers in Mexico working with their communities on projects in the environment, community economic development, and education.

This bag is made for Global Crafts by BIO Imaginarte who take the mantra "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" to heart. The focus of BIO when it began in 1992 was educating Mexico in the need to protect and restore the environment. Working with women who live in several villages as an aspect of its education efforts, BIO helped designed bags and other functional products that are made from manufactured materials, reusing aluminum pop tops, rubber from tires and plastic billboards, as well as recycling paper and candy wrappers.

Started 15 years ago by RPCV Renice Jones and her VSO husband, Kevin Ward, Global Crafts promotes fair trade while working with artisan groups to help alleviate poverty through trade.  They have been working with Mexican artisans since 2008.