Peace Corps Holiday Bundle

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No RPCV holiday is complete without this limited edition Holiday bundle.
  1. Celebrate Peace Corps’ 60th anniversary in 2021! The 2021 International Calendar is a look at 13 of the 142 countries where Peace Corps Volunteers have served since 1961. For the first time, Chad and Costa Rica are featured, along with Namibia, Guatemala, India, Ghana, Myanmar, Colombia, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa, and Russia. The cover photo was taken in the high Himalaya Mountains of Nepal.

    Along with photos and demographic information about each featured country, there are lists of suggested recipes to try and music, films, and books to explore. 

  2. Send a message of peace with these International Peace Cards. Each card measures 5½ x 4¼” and inside is the word PEACE in multiple languages and scripts.

    Card 1: Mongolia © 2000 Michael J. Kresko (originally published in the 2001 International Calendar)

    Card 2: Ukraine © 2009 Yuri Chernevyy (originally published in the 2011 International Calendar)

    Card 3: Burkina Faso © 2003 Matt McClure (originally published in the 2006 International Calendar)

    Card 4: Senegal © 2018 Dell McLaughlin (the International Calendar Project)

    Card 5: Cambodia © 2020 Amber Brooke Davis (the International Calendar Project)

  3. Peace Corps l PROUD TO HAVE SERVED Bumper Sticker. Rectangular navy blue 11.5 in x 3.75 in