Roll-On Friendship Bracelets

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Made by women in Nepal, Roll-On Friendship Bracelets 'roll on' to any size wrist. Each Roll-On is ethically crafted by women in Nepal, using the finest quality glass beads and hand-dyed cotton thread, giving each one a lifetime guarantee. Two Roll-Ons come on each card; one for you, one for your bestie!

Though I worked in education [while in Peace Corps], I also saw firsthand the giant impact micro-enterprise made in the status of women and the lives of their children.” Damian Jones said. “In a sense, putting together the observation of a corrupted, broken foreign aid system and the observation of the big effect of micro-enterprise, I came up with concept for Aid Through Trade.” In 1993, Damian began marketing in the US, joining NAATO in 1994 and becoming one of the founding members of the Fair Trade Federation.