Recycled Phone Card Dancing Girl Earrings - The National Peace Corps Association

Recycled Phone Card Dancing Girl Earrings

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Some of the favorite recycled jewelry items are the "dancing boy and girl" pins and earrings, made of recycled wire and scraps of used prepaid phone cards by craftspeople in Kisumu, Kenya. This pair is made from plastic rechargeable phone cards.  Earrings hang approximately 1.5 inches.

Creative Alternatives works with marginalized producers in rural and urban areas of Kenya. The producers take pride in the product ideas they are able to develop and market through Creative Alternatives. The producers are self employed men and women, largely young and middle aged, who have failed to get formal employment. They have thus had to seek employment in the jua kali (which translates into hot sun in the Swahili language) sector. They work in groups, small family owned businesses or as individuals. Creative Alternatives partners with Global Crafts in the US.

Started 15 years ago by RPCV Renice Jones and her VSO husband, Kevin Ward, Global Crafts promotes fair trade while working with artisan groups to help alleviate poverty through trade.  They met the Kenyan artisans during their Kenyan service from 1999-2002.