Leather Reclaimed Label Pouch - The National Peace Corps Association

Leather Reclaimed Label Pouch

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Indian craftspeople used misprinted leather jeans labels in this small pouch. With a zipper closure and a leather loop on the side, this pouch has black nylon lining and measures 9.5 by 6.5 inches.

Born of a desire to reduce India's mountain of waste, improve energy efficiency, and help some of Delhi's poorest out of the city's slums, Conserve India achieves all this by turning plastic bags into high fashion handbags.Conserve started as a fledgling recycling project but quickly adapted to confront the biggest challenge it was facing – what to do with the thousands of plastic bags that could not be composted or recycled locally. 

Conserve partners with Global Crafts, a fair trade business started 15 years ago by RPCV Renice Jones and her VSO husband, Kevin Ward, to promotes fair trade while working with artisan groups to help alleviate poverty through trade.  They have been working with Conserve artisans since 2009.